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how does one go about purchasing a launch card?

With a spending price of your choosing, the Launch Card can be purchased from Planet Arcades Kiosk or from our Redemption Counter. When spending over $10, you will recieve your Launch Card for free, otherwise if less than $10 is spent, the Launch Card will cost $1. Planet Arcades offers everyday bonuses, if you spend $20 you will then recieve $24 worth on your Launch Card, see other bonus deals below. Once purchased, your Launch Card is indefiently rechargeable, meaning you can always come back to the Kiosk or Redemption Counter and add more money onto your card, even it is just $2 to play one extra game. 

HOW do i use the launch card to play games?

Tap and play! It is as simple as it says, all you have to do is tap the eReader on the machine you want to play with your Launch Card and the game will imediately start unless an additional 'START' button has to be pressed. Some machines will give you tickets, you can tell which ones by the 'WIN TICKETS' sticker on the machine or by the colour of the eReader, BLUE means you win tickets and RAINBOW means no tickets can be won. See more about ticket redemption games here. The tickets you win will go straight onto your Launch Card, you do have the option of recieving physical tickets which can be selected on the Kiosk or by one of the staff, but most people stick to eTickets as it is easier to manage, but it is up to you! 


Once you have finished playing the games and are ready to redeem some prizes with the tickets you have won, go straight to the Redemption Counter to see how many tickets you have. There is a great range of prizes to choose from no matter your age including lollies, toys, plushies, novelty items and more! You can choose to spend all of your tickets on prizes on that day or save them up for a big prize for the next you come in as your Launch Card never expires.

DOes planet arcades host BIRTHDAY PARTIES?

See all the info about Planet Arcades Birthday Parties & Packages here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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